About Us

Our staff is exclusively focused on helping patients on the
healing journey after being diagnosed with cancer.

Lafayette Cancer Care is no ordinary oncology clinic.
We have staff from the East coast, West coast, and Midwest.
Lafayette Cancer Care has become the crossroad for us and
has brought us together. Though our reasons vary for coming
to Lafayette, Indiana and more specifically Lafayette Cancer Care,
we have become a team with patient and family care being our main focus. Our staff members are easy to identify with as we have people in varying stages of life. We have the newly married, parents with young children, soon to be empty nesters, grandparents, and adult children taking care of their aging parents. This diversity has helped our patients bond with members of our staff in a very unique and special way and has allowed them to feel comfortable and confident in their level of care.

Every patient receives our undivided attention and devotion to their care. You will witness this first hand when you come in for your initial consultation. We strive to get a complete medical history. We review your records thoroughly and come up with a treatment plan of action that will work best for you. When you arrive in our office, we will spend approximately an hour and a half reviewing the natural history of your particular cancer and treatment options available. We will give you and your family an opportunity to ask questions. You will find that a member of our staff will give you a hug before you leave assuring you that you are not alone.