Leading Edge Therapies
Cancer care has made many advances in the last decade. Chemotherapy has been refined to more accurately attack cancer cells. This makes the side effects more tolerable than those of first and second-generation chemotherapy drugs. Cancer care has moved beyond pure use of chemotherapy that attacks cancer cells as a chemical poison. Advances from research allow oncologists to control tumors with hormonal therapy and even at the cellular regenerational level. Additionally, expanded technology has fueled vast improvements in effective use of radiation therapy. Every year, the amount of information about cancer compounds – and as it does our staff studies and adopts the latest treatments that offer more hope for effective treatment of numerous cancers.

Day by day, cancer care is improved and augmented by intensive research that takes place worldwide. Therapies used today were only imagined a decade ago. Likewise, today, new therapies are being discovered and researched in hopes of more effective and curative results.